ESC Spring Show Photos

Did you know that the first relationship between horses and humans was one of predator and prey?
Untill we decided to let them pull our wagons and slowly our burdens began to fall away.

They plowed our fields and carried our loads,
And on their backs we conquered our foe’s.
With their strength every kingdom and empire was built,
But I wonder if people ever felt any guilt.

For how they used horses and then threw them away,
But the spirit of a horse is difficult to slay,
Because though we’ve abused our dominion over God’s creatures.
They still keep offering us their forgiveness.

They still want to please us, they try so hard.
After their history you’d think they’d be scarred.
But they still have the guts to put their best foot forward,
Just look at the history that has been recorded.
Our society was built on the backs of horses,
Perhaps we owe them something?

– Lydia De La Guerre –

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