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A Tale of Kinship and Redemption

Did you know that the first relationship between horses and humans was one of predator and prey?Untill we decided to let them pull our wagons and […]

ESC Spring Show Photos

Photos are R35 each or R150 for 5 (R30 per photo thereafter). Please email Corlia Meyer at to order your photos. Photos are by the […]

Canter Chronicles: Redefining good riding as good sportsmanship

Three things happened recently in my riding life. I took part in my first ever training show where I jumped the 20 and 40cm classes. A […]

“A winner is a loser who tried one more time”


Canter Chronicles: The Things I’m Doing While I’m “just sitting there”

Every equestrian has heard it: “Horse riding isn’t a sport; the horse does all the work, and you just sit there”. Of course, we know it […]

Horseback Happiness: Capturing the Joys of Riding

Who doesn’t love a good series?! That is why we are so excited to announce our news social media post series titled Horseback Happiness. Our goal […]

Practice makes perfect, if you do it right

In 2008, Malcom Gladwell published his book, Outliers. In it, he talks about the Ten Thousand Hour Rule: to become an expert in any field, you […]

A love story

– Lana Nelson My second trail ride at ESC was the beginning of a true love story. I arrived at ESC and while waiting to go […]