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ESC 1 May 2024 Show Photos

R40 per single photo, or R30 per photo for 5 and photos. Email to order. Please be patient with response times.

My ESC riding journey

by Anca Venter My first lesson at Equine Sport Centre (ESC) was rather daunting. My confidence levels were really low and the fear of falling made […]

South African Modern Pentathlon Championships 2024

The South African Modern Pentathlon Championships 2024 kicked off on Friday, 8 April 2024, with the Show jumping event at Equine Sports Centre, Stellenbosch. All senior […]

ESC March Show Jumping Photos

R40 per single photo, or R30 per photo for 5 and photos. Email to order. Please be patient with response times.

A Tale of Kinship and Redemption

Did you know that the first relationship between horses and humans was one of predator and prey?Untill we decided to let them pull our wagons and […]

Canter Chronicles: Redefining good riding as good sportsmanship

Three things happened recently in my riding life. I took part in my first ever training show where I jumped the 20 and 40cm classes. A […]

“A winner is a loser who tried one more time”


Canter Chronicles: The Things I’m Doing While I’m “just sitting there”

Every equestrian has heard it: “Horse riding isn’t a sport; the horse does all the work, and you just sit there”. Of course, we know it […]

Horseback Happiness: Capturing the Joys of Riding

Who doesn’t love a good series?! That is why we are so excited to announce our news social media post series titled Horseback Happiness. Our goal […]

Practice makes perfect, if you do it right

In 2008, Malcom Gladwell published his book, Outliers. In it, he talks about the Ten Thousand Hour Rule: to become an expert in any field, you […]

A love story

– Lana Nelson My second trail ride at ESC was the beginning of a true love story. I arrived at ESC and while waiting to go […]

Horse riding isn’t a just hobby, it’s so much more.

With a new year comes new goals, new ideas, and new opportunities for us to explore – or return to – hobbies we’ve always wanted to […]

An Equine Affair

It has been a year since my equine affair began, and I have picked up new skills and learned many invaluable lessons. Mostimportantly, realising that horse […]

Kick@ss is a real feeling

As we emerged from the post-covid era into 2022, I didn’t have great expectations for the year ahead, but I was happy and content to be […]

A Taste of Summer Show Jumping Competition

30 October 2022 R50 per single photo or R40 per photo for 5+ photos; R300 for all – unviewed bundle (we have some nice ‘fail’ pics). […]

Horses and mental health: In honour of World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2022

We all feel better after being at the yard. Why is that? It is well-known that spending time with horses can improve your emotional wellbeing and […]

Esprite, the “quiet” pony

Don’t ignore the quiet ones. They are masters of camouflage. They do not beg to be seen, they keep to the back, to themselves, they’re more […]

Picasso and Happy Go Lucky compete in Polocrosse

On the 7th of May 2022, our school ponies, Lucky and Picasso competed in their first ever Polocrosse tournament with two young riders. We asked the […]

“The merits of a well-executed walk”

My family’s journey with Equine Sport Centre (ESC) started in 2018, when I contacted them about some party entertainment for my son’s 11th birthday. Cherokee (the […]

Horse rider to horse(wo)man

A few years ago, I regarded myself as a decent rider. I could exercise a variety of horses with no issue, could deal with most vices/behavioural […]

KFM Best of the Cape Finalist

Equine Sport Centre has been selected as a finalist in the KFM Best of the Cape: Best Adventure Experience category. We are so excited about this […]

The Pink Geranium Hunt

As experienced by a first time rider. My whole life I have loved horses. I only started riding last year at Equine Sport Centre with instructor […]

The first quarter of 2021


Why horse riding?

To the casual observer, it may look like all the rider has to do is just sit there. The horse does all the work, well anyone […]

Trail Rides – Top Tips

Trail riding one of the most popular equestrian activities. Riding a good trail on a beautiful, well-trained horse is an amazing way to spend your day. […]

What is a Livery?

We get asked this question quite often and we thought it would be helpful to include a blog post for anyone wondering about our livery and […]

First Pony Party

Our first successful pony party was enjoyed by all at the Wild Clover restrant on Tuesday the 21st of March 2017. Our beautiful baby boy Calvin […]

Livery available!!

Outside and Stabled livery available! Grass paddocks: Herd environment or Individual paddock 20 x 60 Dressage arena Mounted Games/Jumping arena Lunge ring Plenty of safe out […]

English Mounted Games

Joshua – One of the Western Cape Mounted Games Association team members who had been chosen as a member of the SA Mounted Games team to […]

Wild Clover: Blessing the Reins down in Africa

It was a typical winter’s day in Stellenbosch. Everything was covered in mist, which meant that I was that person driving extremely slowly in order not […]

Fusion Horsemanship Clinic

On Saturday, 20 March 2021, five riders, six horses and a couple of spectators were introduced to the techniques of softness, elegance and accuracy, as taught […]