A Taste of Summer Show Jumping Competition
An Equine Affair

As we emerged from the post-covid era into 2022, I didn’t have great expectations for the year ahead, but I was happy and content to be healthy and free again.

But horse-living is always full of surprises and this year was no exception. To all the instructors and riders who made us so proud to be associated with Equine Sports Centre, you are the embodiment of kick@ss. I salute you and your ponies for every medal and banner you brought home with great pride and joy, for all the “pick yourself up” and “dust yourself off moments” that brought you closer to your next level up, and for every “swallow hard at the lump in your throat” moments in times of adversity.

This year I have also been inspired by our top notch instructors who each in their own way personify this kick@ss feeling. On one of our many beautiful trail rides this year, I experienced the fearless and focused kick@ss-ness of my riding instructor, first hand. The errant hounds in the neighbourhood thought for one moment they could terrorise our ponies. With a guttural war cry and eyes blazing she charged said hounds, ensuring that ponies and riders (and hounds) were safe and hounds were left duly chastised for venturing outside the pecking order.Finally even my trusty steed cottoned on to this kick@ss feeling as the year progressed. More and more he displayed excitement for outrides and positive energy in lessons, testing my ever-growing skills, but also harmonising beautifully with each new level of rider expectations with kick@ss swag – highly deserving of his bountiful weekly rations of carrots.

Personally, my focus this year was on consciously improving my fitness and muscle strength. Consequently my riding seat and balance improved and newfound courage was born to tackle dressage challenges and even some show jumping.

Reflecting on this year’s progress, I found myself smiling in the mirror… with just a hint of kick@ss gleaming in my eye… oh yes, kick@ss is a good feeling!

Author: Priscilla Baker