Kick@ss is a real feeling
Horse riding isn’t a just hobby, it’s so much more.

It has been a year since my equine affair began, and I have picked up new skills and learned many invaluable lessons. Most
importantly, realising that horse riding is more than just a physical activity; it is also a highly immersive and detail-orientated mental
activity. Under the auspices of Equine Sport Centre (ESC)’s amazing instruction approach, my lessons has brought me to see riding in a
completely different way. With this newly found point of view, I feel I have grown and continue to grow to be an even better athlete,
more attuned to horses.

Chantell Aylward, as my instructor, has placed much emphasis on safety, readiness and how riding requires physical strength and
endurance to do it well. In “running with the horses,” she emphasized workouts that improve my capabilities to match the horse’s
energy and develop a leadership mindset. Ensuring that we celebrate the successes and that I learn from the mishaps, most
importantly, integrating all of those aspects learned in the coaching to my show jumping competitions.

In the grand scheme of things, the most exciting part of my equine affair is the Non-Verbal Human-Horse partnership connection.
“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom”
(Sharon R. Lemon). From Fire (a gelding) has been a blaze, fun to interact with as he mooches on apples, while Atticus (also a gelding)
adds a spark in his unique, elegant way. They are both so rich in horses’ personalities and have supported my journey well, given me
the confidence to believe in myself, and given me their trust, respect, and integrity in our shared experience as I show up in

Remarkably, I find that the skillfulness of horse riding is in cultivating that sense of body control and awareness that you feel in your
arms, legs, core or SEAT in relation to a horse as they react in an honest and immediate way. We build on these skills every week,
while navigating through the days’ obstacles, relentlessly pursuing true horsemanship. After all, nothing matters more than your will
to succeed, you can stumble, you can fall, you can get back up again, and you never give up.

Horses have rocked me to my core, offering a challenge that can hardly be equaled. You have to love the challenge and the risk of
the new, which inevitably, this journey has brought me to find parts of my character that needed improvement. I will forever move
forward indebted to my furry friends, who helped me through some emotional turmoil and ushered me into a new decade of
existence. Awakened a “passion” in me like none other and has helped me to rediscover one’s authentic self and a legacy under

Furthermore, being around horses in the yard is incredible, and I am incredibly grateful that I get to do this; the generosity of
everybody to contribute to this. All are coming together to be supportive from a very dedicated, excellent ESC facilitator team, so
talented, unique, and want to do well and are eager to contribute in whichever way. It matters so much to us that we are getting
something great out of this beyond the greatness of just being with horses’ right?

Author: Fairwell Mnyamana