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Picasso and Happy Go Lucky compete in Polocrosse

On the 7th of May 2022, our school ponies, Lucky and Picasso competed in their first ever Polocrosse tournament with two young riders. We asked the mother of the two riders, Trove Pretorius, to write something about the riders experience, and this is what she had to say:

My daughter competed in her first Polocrosse tournament. We were very grateful for her to be able to ride Picasso in this competition. Picasso was so willing and enthusiastic. He eased into the game seamlessly and, though unfamiliar to him, was comfortable with his rider having a Polocrosse racquet in her hand. Picasso remained steady while the ball was passed at pace through the air to his player. He did his utmost to follow all the instructions given and worked hard to get his rider into positions where she could block the other players, thus supporting her team in scoring goals. He responded quickly to leg aids and moved swiftly and agilely across the field, displaying wonderful stamina throughout the chukkas played. Picasso’s support and keenness to do all that is asked of him resulted in his rider being nominated best Number 2 player in her division. Picasso was a delight to watch.

On the same day, my son had the fortunate opportunity to compete in his first Polocrosse tournament on Lucky. What an incredibly special pony. Lucky took such exceptionally good care of his novice rider. He listened attentively to all commands and quickly became comfortable with the pace and routines of the game, maintaining good stamina throughout the chukkas played. Lucky lined up with ease for the throw-in and seemed to have his eye on the ball at all times. He responded swiftly to all leg commands and was consistently in the heart of the game. He stood firm while his rider bent down low to pick up the ball and maintained a steady pace while goals were being scored. Lucky’s hard work resulted in his rider being nominated best Number 1 player in his division. Lucky is an absolute delight on the Polocrosse field.