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The first quarter of 2021


Kick@ss is a real feeling

As we emerged from the post-covid era into 2022, I didn’t have great expectations for the year ahead, but I was happy and content to be […]

An Equine Affair

It has been a year since my equine affair began, and I have picked up new skills and learned many invaluable lessons. Mostimportantly, realising that horse […]

Horse riding isn’t a just hobby, it’s so much more.

With a new year comes new goals, new ideas, and new opportunities for us to explore – or return to – hobbies we’ve always wanted to […]

Practice makes perfect, if you do it right

In 2008, Malcom Gladwell published his book, Outliers. In it, he talks about the Ten Thousand Hour Rule: to become an expert in any field, you […]

Horseback Happiness: Capturing the Joys of Riding

Who doesn’t love a good series?! That is why we are so excited to announce our news social media post series titled Horseback Happiness. Our goal […]

Canter Chronicles: The Things I’m Doing While I’m “just sitting there”

Every equestrian has heard it: “Horse riding isn’t a sport; the horse does all the work, and you just sit there”. Of course, we know it […]

Canter Chronicles: Redefining good riding as good sportsmanship

Three things happened recently in my riding life. I took part in my first ever training show where I jumped the 20 and 40cm classes. A […]