The first quarter of 2021
KFM Best of the Cape Finalist

As experienced by a first time rider.

My whole life I have loved horses. I only started riding last year at Equine Sport Centre with instructor Chantell. It took me a while to get the hang of it, and sometimes it was more hanging on than anything else.

On Sunday, 20 June 2021, I participated in a Drag Hunt hosted by the Cape Hunt Club at the Pink Geranium. This was a first for me. As always Chantell made sure I had the right horse, Wakita, for the occasion and that I was prepared. Wakita was very excited because her crushi, Diamant, was also at the hunt!

I was off to a rocky start, in the first leg my foot slipped out of the stirrup and with my first jump I had only one foot in place! It was a lot of fun; the hounds made for lots of entertainment and excitement. On the second leg, we cut a corner and Wakita had to jump a grape vine!

I was very lucky to have three of the ESC instrucotrs, Uzel, Chantell and Lizelle with me, supporting and guiding as we went along! I enjoyed the company of the other hunt riders and their beautiful horses. It was interesting to learn about the hounds and the hunting culture. Luckily no animals were hunted in the process!

We completed 6 legs in total; around 12-14 km. I was quite stiff a few days after, but will not exchange this experience for anything else. Thank you to Uzel and Chantell for your faith in me!

Author: Christine van Zyl, 12yo, ESC Rider