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We get asked this question quite often and we thought it would be helpful to include a blog post for anyone wondering about our livery and what it is. A livery yard or livery stable is a stable where horse owners pay a weekly or monthly fee to keep their horses. Facilities at a livery yard normally include a loose box or stable and access for the horse to graze on grass.

Our facilities include:

Optional outdoor or stabled livery

Horses are often kept inside buildings known as barns or stables, which provide shelter for the animals. These buildings are normally subdivided to provide a separate area or box for each horse, which prevents horses injuring each other, separates horses of different genders, allows for individual care regimens such as restricted or special feeding and makes handling easier.

  • Jumping and Mounted Games arena/area
  • 60 x 20m Dressage arena
  • 14m Lunge arena
  • Plenty of space on the neighbouring farms for riding

Our clients consists of everything from happy hackers all the way to clients that compete in various horse riding disciplines. We provide excellent care for your horse, we treat them as if they were our very own, keeping them happy and healthy with a stable routine. A happy horse equals a happy owner. We aim to give each horse.