Trail Rides – Top Tips

To the casual observer, it may look like all the rider has to do is just sit there. The horse does all the work, well anyone who has ridden a horse will know how wrong that is. There is far more to riding a horse than one might expect. The benefits of horse riding are immense enjoyment, physically and mental fitness and a chance to enjoy the open countryside.

Here are our Top 5 reasons why you should consider horse riding lessons.


  1. Experience the great outdoors. Feel the air, smell the foliage, see nature’s beauty, AND get to travel through it all with your favourite four-legged friend.
  2. Physical exercise. Horse riding develops balance and improves coordination and motor function. Other advantages include strengthening of muscles, reflex acceleration, prevention of muscle cramps, increased joint mobility, boosting the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation, stimulation of sensory integration and improved visual perception of space.
  3. Make new friends who share your passion. The love for horses spans across countries, personalities, and cultures. Other people who are passionate about horses can be found almost anywhere you go – and the bond that connects is universal.
  4. Borrow a sense of freedom otherwise not available to mere humans. Many horse riders will tell you about this feeling of “freedom” that you gain from the top of a horse’s back. Challenges, whether physical, mental, emotional or social are almost literally dropped to the ground the moment your seat is placed into the saddle that graces that horse’s back. There is nothing else like it in this world.
  5. Mental exercise. “There are many mental benefits to horseback riding,” says Dr. Alison Stout. “There’s a confidence that comes from learning how to handle and interact with this huge animal. You really learn about yourself as you experience time on a horse.” This includes the development of responsibility, patience and self-discipline and increasing self-confidence.

We offer lessons for all ages ranging from beginner to advance. The riding school is open from Tuesday to Friday starting lessons from 9 am until 4:30 pm. See Lessons and Training for more information.