Horse rider to horse(wo)man
“The merits of a well-executed walk”

Since joining ESC in the beginning of 2021, not only has my riding improved, but also my entire outlook on being an equestrian has changed. Uzel Mouton has always shown immense patience with and dedication to me as a rider, continuing to motivate me through the highs and, especially, the lows. Her teaching has really boosted my confidence, also leading to me start my journey as a competitive rider. She has given me the honour to represent ESC at shows. On top of this, the entire ESC team has always been so supportive when it comes to helping out or just cheering on from the side of the arena. They have created such a welcoming atmosphere that has made my whole riding experience much more enjoyable, and something that I am always so excited for. I am looking forward to 2022 with the ESC team!

Author: Kaylee van Zyl, 20yo, BA Law Student, ESC rider